Wednesday, September 19, 2007

veshamru - debbie friedman - hebrew

Learn Shabbat theme song by Debbie Friedman

veshamru - debbie friedman - hebrew
Below is the lyrics

Veshamru V'nei Yisra'el
Et Ha Shabbat

"And you, the children of Israel, shall keep the Shabbat

La'asot et ha Shabbat
Ledorotam Brit Olam

To make the Shabbat an everlasting covenant for every generation

Beini u vein b'nei Yisra'el
OT L'Olam

"It shall forever be a sign, between me and the children of Israel"

Ki Sheshet yamin
Asah Adonai
Et Hashamayim V'et ha'eretz

("that in six days God made the heaven and the earth")

U Vayom ha shvii shavat

("and on the seventh day. He rested and was refreshed")

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