Monday, September 3, 2007

Standing Orders of people in Community Devarim 29:9-10

Devarim 29: 9 -10 the Hashem's ranking of people in Hebrew writing, this gmail, bloggers and Html editor tends auto to write from left to right although I have set to right to left.

Please note the verse numbering in the masoretic text are differ from our English bibles is vs 10 and 11.

You can see also the strangers are also included in the ranks. This we can actually see the kingdom of Hashem works, this gives us how we Non-Jewish believer standing position.

Head leader of Mankind

אלהיכם יהוה- YHWH Eloheichem - Adonay your God

ראשׁיכם - Rasheychem - Your leaders

שׁבטיכם - Shivteichem - your tribes

זקניכם - Zikneichem - Your elders

שׁטריכם- shotreichem - your officers

ישׂראל׃ אישׁ - Ish Yisrael - Man of Israel

טפכם -Tapechem - Your little ones

נשׁיכם -Necheichem -Your wives

גרך - Gerecha - Thy strangers

other important words

בברית - bivrit - Covenant - הברית Ha Berit the covenant

ובאלתו - uve'alato - and into his oath

היום - hayom - today

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